Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baby Brain?!?!

Yesterday I promised I would share what set off the crying fest on Sunday.  First, I must pose a question.    
 How long does "baby brain" actually last?  

There are physicians who believe that "pregnancy brain" is a real phenomenon because of the hormonal/physiological changes that occur in your body during pregnancy.  They even say that it can last up to a year after childbirth due to still more hormonal changes, lack of sleep, and preoccupation with taking care of a new baby.  

Is it possible to still have it 2 years later, or heaven forbid, FOREVER?!?!?

Well, I'm claiming baby brain (though my baby is 21 months old) as the reason for my stupid mistake this weekend.  I've been looking forward to my good friend Lauren's daughter's birthday party for a while now.  Though I love being a SAHM and wouldn't change it for anything, it can get VERY LONELY out here!  I talked up the party all weekend to baby girl and had my outfit all laid out to look good for the other moms (I know, so high school).  I planned my whole Sunday around the party, only to find out Sunday morning that the party was Saturday afternoon.  


We all know what happened next.  I cried and cried and cried.  For many reasons....
  • Baby girl loves being around other kids, and I ruined it.  
  • This was going to be one of the few opportunities for me to see some of my girlfriends, and I ruined it.  
  • I wanted to meet more moms to hang out with, and I ruined it.  
  • I was the first person to RSVP to the shower and wanted to be there to support my friend Lauren, and I ruined it.  

How am I going to prevent this from happening again?

  1. Write everything down and actually look at my calendar!
  2. Check, re-check, and check again all invitations!

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