Thursday, August 23, 2012

From Awful to Amazing

I'm not going to sugar coat it.... I had a bad awful HORRIBLE day yesterday.  I'm going to spare you all the gory details, but man I wanted to cry while going to town on a punching bag.
Here's where the amazing part comes in.  My friends organized a birthday shindig for me last night.  I haven't had a girls' night in quite a while and boy do I love them.  It felt almost like a bachelorette party because they went around the circle telling everyone how they met me and what they loved about me.  Man, can you say ego booster?!  A huge, heartfelt thank you for being great friends goes out to:  Sonya, Emily, Buffie, Stephanie, Caycee, Chassity, Kym, Lauren, and Holly.  I love you guys and thanks for an amazing night!
p.s.  Laughing burns off calories.  Some say 10-15 min burns 10 to 40 calories.  I burned a heck of a lot last night!  Laughing also increases pain tolerance, and helps ward off disease.  Let's laugh a little more every day for our health!!!

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