Thursday, August 2, 2012

Magic Mike Movie Review

So I went to see "Magic Mike"... again.  I know, I know.  I'm not that much of a dirty girl.  I went to the midnight showing and one of my girlfriends couldn't make it so I went again with her and a new friend last night.  Anywho, here are my thoughts....

1.  Matthew McConaughey totally makes this movie.  I truly believe that he plays "himself" and isn't acting one bit.  He is funny and acts like a total goober.  He even wrote one of the songs.  Did I mention that he has a perfect body?!

2.  I've never been a big Channing Tatum fan and I actually never even thought he was good looking.  Well, after seeing this movie, you have to love him.  Aside from the gorgeous body and sweet, lovable personality, he can dance like you would not believe!  I'm thinking about renting all the "Step Up" movies just to see him in action!  Did you know that he was a stripper in real life before he became an actor?

3.  We can't forget about Joe Manganiello, Mr. Alcide Herveaux from HBO's True Blood.  He's just precious!

This is a must see!  Maybe even twice!  The story-line is cute but who are we kidding, we're not going for the story! ;)

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  1. Now I really have to get someone to take me to see it. All those awesome bodies are a very big inticement to see on the "big" screen!


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