Friday, August 17, 2012

One Week To Go

I'm happy to report that one week from today, I will be on a jet plane headed to Mexico!  I can't wait.  My plans are to get my all-inclusive money's worth and eat and drink until I explode.  My other plans include getting amazing spa treatments and laying like broccoli by the pool! Here's a sneak peek into my future....
I have one more week of the Meltdown of 2012.  I'm definitely seeing major changes going on in this body of mine, but I'm getting down to serious business over the next 7 days.  I plan to work out 3 more times at Pure Barre (I went last night too).  I'm going to try to cut out all carbs and I'm continuing with my no bread, gluten free, dairy free diet.  I do have a confession, though.  I'm already planning a cheat night on Monday.  It's my birthday and we're going to Hall's Chophouse.  They have the best mac and cheese in the entire world!  I love their oysters too!  I deserve it, right?!

Happy Weekend!!!

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