Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I always have something on my list of "gotta have it right now or I will implode."  These are the things currently on my list!  

Corso Como Diver Wedges in Brown - I cannot believe I don't have a nude wedge.   I mean, what have I been wearing with sundresses, jeans, skirts, etc?!?!

Curling Wand - I'm going to try to style my hair with one of these bad boys.  I've tried the curl with the straight iron trick and just can't get it to work.  I've heard good things about the BaByliss brand.  Any other suggestions?

Calphalon non-stick pan - Mine has finally bit the dust.  The coating has so many scratches and it's time for a replacement.  I really want a GIANT one, like 14", but I'll settle for 12" if that's all they have.  I may be purchasing one of these guys TODAY! 

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