Friday, September 21, 2012

Dear Twizzlers and Gummy LifeSavers,

You've been so good to my taste buds over the past few years.  I never liked candy until I was pregnant, but then started craving you and became pretty much obsessed with your sweet, fruity, chewy little selves.  

While you were good for my taste buds, you were not so nice to my body, specifically my belly, thighs, and booty.  I'm giving you up, once and for all.  I know there are many others who will show you the love, so I'm not worried.  You'll make do.  Here are some fabulous finds that I'm replacing you with:

The dried fruit will satisfy my sweet cravings and the nuts are a healthy snack with possible health benefits.  Dr. Oz (though I'm not a follower, but I do think he has some good points now and then) says to eat 3 tsp of sunflower seeds a day to curb your appetite and help shrink stubborn belly fat.  Dr. Oz definitely does not believe there are any health benefits to consuming the two of you, especially at the rate I was going.  


Thanks for all of your sweetness and satisfaction over the years.  You will be missed.  

Love Always,


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