Friday, September 7, 2012

Evite Etiquette

I'm struggling right now about Baby Girl's 2nd birthday party.  It's going to be a fairly small party, Elmo themed, and in my neighborhood clubhouse.  Here's the issue:  to Evite or not to Evite, that's the question!  It's probably fine either way, and it's just a 2 year old birthday party.  Evites are so much quicker, easier, and free! I would, however, like to have a copy of a paper invitation for her baby book.  It also just feels more official with a nice paper invitation.  Don't you like to receive invitations in the mail?  It's one of my favorite things!!!

That leads me to a bigger issue.  When is it acceptable to send an Evite and when is it just plain tacky?  Is our society so dependent on social media that we've lost the fine art of sending personal invitations through the mail?   Here are my thoughts:
Play date - Evite or text is fine
Child's birthday party - Evite is fine but paper is more fun
Holiday party - Evite is fine but paper is more fun
Bachelorette party - Either works!
Open House/Housewarming party - Ditto
Baby shower - I send paper, but Evite is probably okay
Wedding shower - I probably wouldn't even consider an Evite
Wedding - Paper only please!!!

Am I a completely old fuddy duddy or do you agree?  What would Emily Post say? Where do you draw the line?

It looks like I have some more reading to do....

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