Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Fat Kid Friday"

So, yours truly is going to be on the radio....

I'm going on a girls' trip to NYC for CosmoCon.  It's the official listener appreciation/meet the radio personalities/be on the radio weekend for the Sirius/XM Cosmo Radio Channel Wake Up With Taylor Show (whew that's a mouthful!).

It's a great excuse to go to NYC (the greatest place in the entire world don't ya know) and who can say they've been on a radio show?  Moi after Friday.  Ha!

Tune in on Friday, September 28th from 9-11 for the "Fat Kid Friday" segment on Sirius/XM 109 and hopefully I'll be able to get a word in.  We may make it to The Today Show earlier that morning, though I'm not guaranteeing anything.  We'll have to see how late I'm out Thursday night....

Toodles! (Goodness, I watch too much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)

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