Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pizza Earrings

I love to throw a good party.  Though I usually get carried away and am up to my eyeballs in stress and last minute unnecessary, yet fabulous details, the finished product is always worth the effort.  I've been lusting over the following entertainment goodies that I NEED REAL BADLY for my hostess with the mostess arsenal.

1,2 here
3 here
4 here - used as a bar tray

I made Baby Girl some "pizza earrings" yesterday for lunch.

She's always been a very good eater but lately she's been getting a little sidetracked and only eats one or two food groups on her plate.  Unfortunately, the veggies sometimes take a back seat to her protein and carbohydrate treats.  I created her "pizza" using chicken nuggets (gluten free) as the crust, avocados, tomatoes and cheese.  It wasn't my intention at first but I made one for myself and got the bright idea to name it pizza (because everyone loves pizza, right?!). She proceeded to eat 5!  Yowsers!
Does anyone else have any creative ways to get their kiddos to eat the good stuff?

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