Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Here are a few updates to some of my past posts.  I'm just trying to keep my peeps in the loop!

1.  I finished am in a deep dark depression because I finished reading "Where We Belong."  Picture this, I'm staying up until midnight every night pouring through this sweet novel while crying about the sad story.  I'm a nutcase, I know.  It's a MUST READ!!!

2.  I finally got around to putting on my nail stickers yesterday.  I'm now sporting a lovely Fall hue.  Here's the original product review.

3.  I made a huge boo boo and quoted an incorrect price while reviewing the Suave Keratin Infusion Shampoo.  It's $3.99.  Seriously!  They're practically giving this stuff away! Try it out!  You only have 4 bucks to lose if you don't like it, though that's highly unlikely!

4.  Rather than going to the grocery store and getting dinner ingredients yesterday while Ivey was in school, I went to the Dollar Store (I'm not ashamed) looking for accessories for my Halloween costume.  I struck out in that department, but managed to pick up some cute Halloween decorations.  You can NEVER have enough Halloween decorations.  It's the best holiday ever.  When do you decorate for Halloween?  Is it too early for me to scarify my house?

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