Monday, October 8, 2012

Elmo's World

The Elmo 2nd Birthday Party is over and it was a success.  Baby Girl had a great time and we managed to get a few snapshots (I'm no professional photographer, so don't judge my pitiful pics) for proof of all my hard work!  I'd like to thank Pinterest for most of my inspiration.  Confession:  I had an adult sized Elmo costume in my car to be worn by yours truly to surprise the kiddos during the last 20 minutes of the party.  I completely forgot about it.  Nice, huh?  I'm blaming my lack of sleep over the past 3 nights due to this horrible cough.  Yes, I'm still sick....  Ugh.

Christmas in October?!

Ivey's sisters in the cut-out board

The family in our theme shirts.  Think I should start a Big Bird trend?  He has been in the news lately.  

She's just not having this family shot.  She has guests to tend to!

Future babysitter

Managed to capture the few seconds spent in the Elmo headband.  I'm totally re-thinking her Halloween costume....

Not enjoying all of the attention or the Happy Birthday Song.  Was too stressed to eat her cupcake.  The horror!
Running, screaming, chasing, laughing, craziness

Fruit and veggie trays.  Looks like someone snatched a few broccoli pieces.  


Coloring table

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  1. Such a wonderful day for a wonderful girl. Sorry Nanny Kim could'nt be there, but love all the pictures and comments. I love you Ivey Lucille Florez! Always will. Nanny Kim.


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