Thursday, October 11, 2012


Don't be hating on my fine china!
I made a Na'an pizza with leftover barbecue, barbecue sauce,  and sauteed squash and zucchini.  I decided to pair it with Bethenny's Skinny Girl Rose wine that I talked about yesterday.   I give it a C+.  It was a bit sweet and fruity for a Rose without food, but when paired with the pizza, it changed and became a bit drier.  Sorry girl, I still love you and your margaritas rock!

Yep, age 2 and still in her Bumbo.
Baby Girl enjoyed the pizza, especially the barbecue, which she called "chicken nuggets."  Hey, whatever works, right?  She wore an old gold costume crown I dug up out of the Halloween boxes all day.  She actually went to bed wearing it.  Again, whatever works....

Speaking of Halloween, I decorated my witch booty off yesterday.  Halloween is my FAVORITE time of year/holiday/whatever you want to call it.  I go all out and can't believe I'm just now getting around to decorating.  I guess I had too much Elmo on the brain.  Here's a peak:

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  1. I love your fine china and that pizza looks delish. We tried the Skinny Girl Sangaria at Caycees and it was sick it was the color of dehydrated pee and so sweet. I still heart Bethenny and the skinny ritas. Sterling has been rocking his costume too! We need to get them together!


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