Tuesday, October 2, 2012

NYC and a Wedding

I'm back!  Holy crazy weekend Batman!  I spent a crazy, fun, whirlwind 36 hours in NYC.  I think I may be getting too old for such shenanigans.  The highlight of my trip was being on national radio (Cosmo Channel Sirius/XM 109), participating in an edible underwear eating contest.  Yep, you heard right.  Have you ever heard of anything so classy?!  I didn't think so.

Here's a little picture recap of my trip:
Taylor Strecker (Cosmo Radio Channel), me, Kenny Zimlinghaus (Cosmo), and Buffie Lilly

Apres shopping snacks at the Plaza Hotel Champagne Bar

Shoe Paradise at Bergdorf Goodman

Yours truly choking down edible underwear. I may or may not have had too many glasses of baby mama juice the night before and the skivvies tasted NASTY.... 
I proudly lost the competition.

I flew home Saturday morning so I could attend my dear friend Stephanie's wedding.  It was a gorgeous authentic Indian wedding with a Bollywood theme.  Wow is all I can say.  They really went all out.  The clothing, decorations, food, and entertainment were over the top, one of a kind, spectacular.   Excuse the horrible picture quality.  I forgot the camera and the recent iPhone software upgrade really did a number on my phone camera....
Bride and Groom

Bollywood Dancers

Me and the Bride in her third dress of the evening

p.s.  The eating contest is on Youtube.  It's a bad clip and I don't know how to cut it down so I didn't include it in this post.  Check it out if you have a spare 5 minutes.  I don't know whether to be mortified or proud.  Maybe a little bit of both?

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  1. Ommmmmm, I'll need to look up this underwear eating contest.


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