Thursday, October 18, 2012

On Trend, In My Closet

The October InStyle Magazine listed these 6 "Most Desired" trends for the Fall.  I've found all of them already in my closet.  Looks like I saved Mr. BMJ a pretty penny or two.

1. Jeweled - "jet-black gems and crystals sparkle on gunmetal extras"
Giuseppe Zanotti

2. Velvet
Free People

3.  Studded
Cole Haan


4.  Dandy- "refined yet fanciful" - think grosgrain, leather, and wool combinations
L.L. Bean Signature

5.  Zippers
Banana Republic, Kate Spade

6.  Tweed

Though I'm no DIY maven, I'm going to attempt to bedazzle not one, but two slightly boring items to add to #1 Jeweled category.  Wish me luck.  

Here are a few more things I dug up that jive with the latest trends, including animal print, metallic, fur, lace, and peplums:


Free People

Rebecca Taylor

Franco Sarto

Custom Blouse


So there you have it.  My effort towards staying "on trend" with everything from high-end to no-name and from this season to a million years ago.  It does appear that my closet is tipping a bit to the animal print overboard side.  Oh well, you know what they say....  "Animal print is the new neutral." 


  1. I am so jealous of your fabulous closet and all the pretties that live in there!!!!

  2. I need an in person sneak peek in your closet, love all this fabulous stuff I spy. I might steal that Zara blouse from you! Looks like you got a great head start on the fall trends- but you still should treat yourself to something new:)

  3. Hey Amy! Just found your blog. So glad you started one. :) I'm loving that Zara blouse!


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