Tuesday, October 30, 2012


In honor of all things spooky on this Halloween Eve, I've comprised a list of 10 things I find terrifying (in no particular order):

1.  Anything and everything bad happening to Baby Girl.

2.  Spiders

3.  Snakes

4.  Roller Coasters

5.  Heights

6.  Swimming (Yes it's true. I had a traumatic experience as a child and I hate the water.)

7.  Shark Attacks

8.  Anything happening to me and Mr. BMJ that would leave Baby Girl without parents.  

9.  Boxers (the dog breed - another childhood experience)

10.  Public Restrooms (I'm even terrified of potty training Baby Girl because I don't want her to use the nasty bathrooms.  I almost threw up in the local Barnes and Noble the other day.  If you could bottle the smell, you could use it as a biological weapon.  The built-up dirt and human waste was unbelievable.  I took pictures just for you.  You're welcome.)

What scares the daylights out of you?


  1. My fears are weird-o! I am afraid/terrified of stupid roaches! I know those darn things will not hurt me but I go **crazy** panic-attack mode if I see one! Ready for my really strange fear...the remote control in a hotel room! Think about it. I KNOW those maids DO NOT clean the remotes! YUCK! You and my friend, Laura are both terrified of public pottys. They probably should bother me too :) Happy Tuesday!

  2. I am dying that you took pictures of that bathroom!! Gross! we have a boxer- don't worry if you come over I will lock her up but I promise she is a sweetheart. I am also scared of sharks and snakes and a few others to add to the list Tornados, Clowns, and staying somewhere where there are no tvs:)

  3. That has to be the B&N in Town Center. It's sikening, I know. Can they not get an air freshener in there? Or someone w/ some clorox bleach wipes? My gosh.


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