Thursday, October 25, 2012


So, I must need new face products.  I was stopped 4 times by 4 separate people with 4 separate companies telling me that I need more collagen to help my WRINKLES.  Ugh.  That sure makes a girl feel pretty.  Not!  More like, gives a girl a COMPLEX!!!

I do get very dry skin when I go out there (among other things like dry, red eyes and staticky hair) and I'm always so exhausted because of the time change.

I must have looked horrible on Friday night when we got there because the man at check-in gave us a free upgrade to "the largest suite in the house" after we told him we were over 2 hours late because of flight delays.

Here's our hotel mansion!

yes, it's a a hotel room

why yes, I did get a massage in our private massage room

powder room

marble dining table

room service breakfast, in bed, while watching "The Lucky One"


  1. Excuse me you rock star getting upgraded to that swanky suite. That room looks fabulous. I would get a long massage then pony myself up at the bar for drinks and room service! Glad you had a fun trip!

  2. You do not have wrinkles those puppies were just trying to make some money :) That room is insane girl!!!

    PS lets cry together soon hehe!!!

    PPS So sad we are out of town next weekend damit!!! A wedding and nephews birthday party!

  3. Lucky lady! I never get upgrades in Vegas. Hope you gambled on the trip, bet you won!


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