Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fall Harvest Party 2012

Here they are in all their glory.  I take no credit for these gorgeous photos.  They're the brilliant work of Reese Moore, photographer extraordinaire.  I narrowed them down to the most blog applicable, top 26.

I'm pretty sure a good time was had by all.

The moonshine ran out way too early.

I loved the band, Blue Plantation, even though I'm not a bluegrass fan.

Caviar and Bananas helped me out with the food and I couldn't speak more highly of them (I did the caramel apple station, pickled shrimp, turtles, and mini pies to give credit where credit is due ;) ).

The prizes were as follows:  1st place ugly gourd - $75 to any Maverick Kitchen restaurant, 2nd place ugly gourd - apple cider making kit, and boobie prize (3rd place ugly gourd) - turkey hat.  Spirit prize (secret competition) - festive apron and Thanksgiving cookbook.

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  1. So sad I missed this party! It looked like an incredible time. Drooling over the food!


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