Thursday, November 1, 2012

Favorite Chardonnay

I hope everyone had a fun night!  We were out early with Baby Girl.  I have a budding professional trick-or-treater on my hands.  She caught on quickly and went strong for much longer than I expected.  It makes a Halloween loving momma PROUD!!!

I'm pooped this morning, so it's going to be a short but sweet post today.  If I could only drink one Chardonnay in the whole world, it would be...drumroll please....

Boomtown has the most amazing combination of pear, floral, and butter notes that makes it pair well with anything.  The finish is smooth and light.  There's no weird taste in your mouth after drinking this one (Don't you just hate that taste?!).  As Rachel Zoe would say, "It's everything."  

The good ole (I say that sarcastically because they've really been a big disappointment time and time again) Harris Teeter has been sold out of this perfect Chardonnay for months.  They finally got some this week and it sold out in 2 days.  It's a little more pricey than your average grocery store wine at $19.99, so I only bought one bottle.  Tear.    

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