Friday, November 2, 2012

On The Brain

I have entertaining on the brain today.  We're hosting our annual Fall Harvest Party tomorrow.  We have 60-70 friends coming and I'm up to my stubby eyelashes in planning.  As always, I love to throw a good party but it is all-consuming, anxiety producing, insomnia causing madness until we're past it.  

I'll be back on Monday with a few easy appetizer recipes.  I cooked everything myself last year.  BIG MISTAKE!!!  This year, I've enlisted a little help and I'm supplementing with a few easy dishes.  Hopefully that will make tomorrow a little less hectic.  Ivey took 2 naps a day and wasn't mobile yet last year.  This year she's two years old.  Enough said.  Obviously, I won't have the time for cooking for 70 guests.  One of the big hits last year was a caramel apple dipping station, so of course it will be back again tomorrow. Yum!

We have an ugly gourd competition with fabulous prizes.  This year we're having a secret competition. I'll spill the beans on Monday.  Did I mention we're having a band this year? Yep, over the top!  If you opened the youtube clip at the top, you're hearing them play. It's not my favorite genre of music, but it is so "Fall Harvesty." Don't you agree?

Last year's winning gourd

Have a great weekend!


  1. Funny story. We were walking around Hollywood Studio's yesterday and I was commenting on your wine post. My husband, Chris was fussing, "get off your phone and come on!" I said, "wait, I have to tell 'baby momma juice' about her wine post!" You should of seen the look I got from him! LOL! Have a great Harvest!

    Oh, and my comment did not work bc I was walking and trying 'not to be a robot!' I could not type the security thing correct!

  2. So sad we missed the party!! I actually didnt even make it to Charlotte Sterling has been sick all weekend. I am just sanitizing everything and praying we don't get it! Can't wait to see pictures and your recipes! xoxo


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