Friday, December 7, 2012

Catch Up and a Recipe

Let's all catch up on some interesting news....

1.  Her Royal Highness Prince William, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Stratheam, Baroness Carrickfergus was discharged from the hospital after spending three days there due to severe morning sickness.  I'm glad she's feeling better.  Some are saying she's so sick because it's twins.  Cool! Next time one of you ladies is pregnant and puking your guts out, demand the "royal treatment."  
2.  They just found new evidence in the Casey Anthony trial that was "overlooked" and that may have sealed the deal on her conviction rather than allowing that baby murderer to walk the streets.  More than a year later, investigators uncovered google searches on her computer for "fool-proof suffocation" on the day of her daughter's disappearance.  Since double jeopardy forbids a retrial, she could confess and nothing would happen.  What a MONSTER!
3.  Brad Pitt is turning 50.  That makes me feel old.  In my mind, he is frozen in time like this:
in Legends of the Fall - 1994
4.  Kristin Cavallari revealed that most relationships and fights on "The Hills" were made-up.  This really disappoints me.  I always wanted Lauren and Brody to get together in the end.  Boo for fake reality TV.  
5.  Even though it's taken 12 years for a sequel, Cory and Topanga are finally going to be back in our lives in "Girl Meets World."  I just hope it's on a decent channel, on a decent day, and on a decent time!  If only he would come back as Kevin Arnold, in a "The Wonder Years" sequel, television would be complete!
6.  Last but certainly not least, my least favorite Bachelorette couple, Ashley and J.P. were married on December 1st.  It will air on December 16th on ABC.  Will I watch it, yes.  Will I make negative comments the entire time, yes.  Am I glad another couple stayed together after the cameras stopped rolling, helicopters stopped flying, and roses stopped pinning, yes.  

In recipe news, Mr. BMJ decided to flex his culinary muscles Tuesday night.  His creation was Mexican meatloaf.  I was totally on board, despite the fact that I had Mexican for lunch on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (I ate mealoaf leftovers yesterday for lunch too).  You can NEVER have too much Mexican food!  We paired it with Spanish rice and "Uno Mas" salad.  Yum!

Mexican Meatloaf

1 lb ground meat
1 egg
1 cup ground Fritos
2 medium shallots, diced
1 pack taco seasoning
salt and pepper
Ortega taco sauce

Mix everything thoroughly except for taco sauce.  Put in meatloaf pan and top with taco sauce.  Back for 1 hr 15 minutes at 375.  Top with more taco sauce and fritos.

*If I made this again, I would add a little crushed garlic, some cumin, and minced jalepeno pepper!

Oldie But Goodie Wine

We paired our Mexican meal with Old Faithful (Whispering Angel Rose), but we cracked open a bottle of Fat Bastard Chardonnay last night.  I forgot how great that wine is!  It's smooth, slightly buttery, and has a bit of a spicy note that gives it the perfect "bite."  We paired it with homemade chicken philly subs and truffle fries.  Heaven!
p.s.  I drink Baby Mama Juice because Baby Girl pooped in the tub last night after pooping in the shower with me on Monday.  Good times!  


  1. Another great post. Can we talk about how badly Brad Pitt has aged?? Like seriously what happened to him? I blame Angelina. I saw that interview with K Cav- and better question is how the heck did she get so skinny so fast after that baby. Must try that wine and meatloaf. We are soulmates I have had baby mama juice every night this week- one of those weeks and I love mexican food! Oh and Ashley annoys the crap out of me but yes I will be watching too. We can text each other and make fun of her the whole time:)

  2. I am just disturbed by #2. Ugh. I hope she is in hiding somewhere and never comes out. I'm also disturbed by #3. Like when did that even happen!? I have seen that wine so many times and told myself not to buy it bc I would have been buying it for the funny name. So thank you, now I can actually buy it for the name and per your recommendation. Might buy it for tonight! It's the weekend!


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