Tuesday, December 11, 2012


me, and all of my ridiculous, embarrassing quirks for everyone to read.  I just want us to be closer...like one big happy family...or you can be totally judgmental and never read my blog again.  I hope it's the former!  

1.  I grind my teeth so hard, I have to wear a night guard and have had 2 gum surgeries (I need another one ASAP).

2.  When I blow my nose, it sounds like a fog horn.  It's hereditary.  My dad does the same thing.  I'm dying to see if Baby Girl inherits it!  It's so lady-like.

3.  I watch General Hospital at 2pm most days while Baby Girl is napping.  Yep, unrealistic, mindless entertainment.  Actually, it's on right now as I write this blog post.

4.  I cry while watching movies.  It doesn't matter if they're drama, action, or animated, they usually cause the waterworks.  I try to hold it back, but that makes it even worse.  

5.  I love to sleep.  I always have.  If I can get a nap in every day, I'm a happy girl.  It's usually just 20-30 minutes, but every little bit helps!

6.  I don't do Christmas cards.  I love to receive them, but I never ever send them.  I think it's probably because we didn't do them when I was growing up.  

7.  I'm obsessed with not having wrinkles.  I've tried a million different products, including Botox, to prevent and reverse them.  I'm religious about washing my face and using moisturizer.  I even sleep on a silk pillowcase to prevent them.  Occasionally, I have nightmares about waking up looking like a shriveled up old woman.  

8.  I have a horrible temper.  I've been known to throw things across the room when I'm really angry.

9.  I hate to fold and put away laundry.  I've had the same basket of clean laundry in my closet that just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  I will try to ignore it as long as possible.   

10.  I have 38,639 emails in my Yahoo Inbox.  It just got too carried away and I gave up.  I receive about 100/day from shopping sites.  Ugh.  I don't even bother checking it anymore.  If you need to contact me, please use my g-mail address!

11.  I love slippers.  I don't wear shoes in my house.  I don't like clip clopping around in uncomfortable shoes when it's completely unnecessary.  I like the flip flop padded kind so my toes can breathe and it feels like I'm walking on clouds.   I fondly refer to them as my "house shoes."  

12.  I love to watch scary movies, shows, etc.  Mr. BMJ doesn't like to watch them with me, so I watch them when he has plans and is gone for the evening.  I get so scared, I can't get off the couch for fear something is going to "get" me.  I blame my mom.  She had horror movie marathon parties with me and my BFF neighbor when I was in the 5th grade.  We watched all Exorcists and Poltergeists in one sitting.  

13.  I think we all know that I like my wine in the evenings....

I hope this has helped us grow!  I would love to hear some of your crazy quirks.  Start sharing!


  1. #2 made me laugh out loud.
    #8 - What! I cannot picture you getting really angry.
    #12 - You must be burning a ton of calories. I should start doing this too. What if we planked while watching horror movies? NEW DIET!

  2. I'm right there with you on #1. Minus the surgeries. But I do need to get a night guard ASAP!

    I don't do Christmas cards either. Oops! I hate writing thank you note too. Don't you know I'm thankful?

    I hate doing laundry too and it stays unfolded for a very long time.



  3. Love this list! I watch the Housewives and Gossip Girl and other tween shows while Sterling naps- watching now as I type. I love my wine it is hard to go a night without it:)

  4. I HATE HATE HATE doing laundry. Sometimes I forget to put it in the dryer and I end up rewashing the clothes two or three times. Sometimes I forget to take them out of the dryer and they end up completely wrinkled so I have to rewash them too. It is a horrible never ending mess. I usually do Christmas cards but I can't seem to get it together this year...

  5. omg. I grind my teeth and wear a night guard that i also wear during the day sometimes. My nose sounds like a dang fog horn and my man HATES it but i say it's because my dad does it too. I love to sleep, I love receiving Christmas cards but don't ever write them, am non-wrinkle obsessed, I HAVE THREE CLEAN BASKETS OF LAUNDRY IN MY ROOM AT ANY GIVEN TIME, I HAVE THOUSANDS OF EMAILS IN MY GMAIL .. okay this is freaking me out. I found you from Living in Yellow and I think you're just splendid. New follower!!


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