Tuesday, December 18, 2012


After having a knock down drag out fight with my beaded garland Saturday night (I totally won, the garland is in the trash), I successfully hung my new battery powered lights on the fireplace.  I put some on the bookshelves too.  They're amazing because there's no cords and they have timers!  Heaven forbid I have to remember to push the button twice a day.  I've been threatening to order these little gems since October.  I finally got around to it!  They're a great little find!

You can find theme here:
Restoration Hardware - Starry Light Strings
Speaking of lights, we rigged up our landscape spotlights.  It was Mr. BMJ's idea.  He calls himself "the idea man."  I'm just the minion who follows through and makes it happen.  I simply cut out 2 squares each of red and greens colored cellophane wrapping paper (found at Hobby Lobby) and put them over the glass on our lights.  Voila!  Festive trees!

These lights give the Greatest Christmas Light Master of All Times (Clark W. Griswold, of course) a run for his money!

One more thing.  This little blog can be so educational.  If you know how to pronounce this correctly, then kudos!  I usually mutter the word under my breath so no one can hear how badly I butcher it.  Yep.  I was saying it all wrong.  Have a listen.  This one's for you, Xtina.


  1. I love the video of those lights. There are some awesome Christmas Youtube Lights videos out there!!



  2. The Idea Man and the minion, hahaha! Men looooove taking credit for stuff, don't they? And sometimes it's just easier (and funnier) to let them. After watching that pronunciation video, I'm even more confused. Check this out: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/curacao?s=t


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