Wednesday, December 12, 2012

On Having Babies

Sienna Miller  - 

I quote:  "It's the best, greatest thing in the world.  I would do that day a million times again.  I would do that day, every day.  I loved it."  

Girlfriend has obviously slipped into some post-childbirth memory lapsing, psychotic, delusional state.  I hope she gets better soon.
Megan Fox - 

I quote:  "I was screaming for an epidural when Brian was driving me to the hospital because my water broke on its own and I was immediately...It was level orange pain."  
Can I get an "Amen?"  It makes you no less of a woman or good mom to admit that childbirth hurts.  Like a bitch.  Thank you, Megan Fox, for keeping it real.  

Why do I drink babymamajuice?  The bath time pooping continues.  Baby Girl did her business in the tub for the 3rd time over a 7 day period.    


  1. haha! I read both of these and thought the same thing and you know what pisses me off how skinny they both were post birth. Sterling went thru a pooping in the bath stage too- it sucks but it will pass! Stay string and keep lots of wine on hand!

  2. Enjoyed hanging w. you tonight! LOVE the candle!! Next girl's night!?


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