Monday, December 17, 2012


Happy Monday.  Here's some stuff on my mind today.

1.  I watched Ashley and J.P.'s wedding last night.  Girlfriend lost a ton of weight and was a toothpick. She also had the whitest teeth I've ever seen.  They seemed very happy and genuine and the ceremony was sweet.  It did bug me when she was talking about how stressful the wedding planning was.  Um, it's free.  Shut up.

2.  I've been hearing so much buzz about Downton Abbey, so I found the first season on Netflix and tried to watch it last night.  I honestly thought it was Downtown Abbey until Mr. BMJ pointed out my mistake.  I convinced Mr. BMJ to give it a try with me.  I can't get the closed captioning to work on Netflix, so I have no idea what happened in the first episode.  Yep, I'm that deaf.  I can't watch shows or movies without captions, especially ones with foreign accents.  I might as well have had the TV on mute.  

3.  I've wanted to see "Silver Linings Playbook" since I saw the trailer, weeks ago.  I found a girlfriend to go see it with me this week.  Then, I tried to find movie times.  It's not playing anywhere in Charleston.  Say what?  It's one of the top 5 movies in the country right now.  That really chaps my hide.

4.  We repeated the Thai Lemongrass Seafood Stew I wrote about here for Gourmet Sunday.  We tried a new random wine.  It's called Cucao PX.  It's a Chilean wine that's full of grapefruit and floral notes with a touch of oak.  It went well with the spicy seafood meal.

5.  We finally made it to see Santa this Saturday.  The wait was long, Baby Girl had a cold and was tired, and it was past lunchtime and moving into naptime.  I say all of this like it's the reason for her hysterics, but she did the same exact thing last year.  When do kids get over their fear of Santa?

6.  This is my favorite Santa:


  1. Is it wrong that I love the crying kiddos pics? I mean think when she is 7 she will smile appropriately. But right now this is their true reaction!! Baby Girl is adorable! We aren't even attempting with S this year. Making that Thai stew soon.

  2. I love Downton Abbey! Hope you will enjoy it too. Can't wait until season three starts in January.

  3. 1. HA! We watched it too and I was crying. I didn't even watch that season but it made me emotional anyway. Gosh, this weekend was full of tears.
    2. I called it downtown abbey for a while too...whoops.
    3. I haven't heard of that movie (I'm so out of touch w/ entertainment sometimes) but I'll watch anything w/ B Cooper.
    4. Cucao? I just want to say that word over and over.
    5. The girls are SO TALL.
    6. SO so cute.


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