Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Lady Grinches the seamstress put me in a big Bah Humbug mood.  I officially fired them and walked out with my still too long jeans.  I showed them!  Ha!  No, seriously.  Here's the skinny.  I got these AG grey skinnies at Anthropologie a few weeks ago to wear to a baby shower.

I immediately took them to my seamstress (who I've been going to for at least 4 years, if not more) and waited the standard 2 week period to get them back.  I picked them up the day before the shower and, low and behold, they were still way too long.  Did they even hem them at all?  I brought them back yesterday and nicely informed them that they're still too long.  They treated me like a pile of poo on their shoe and begrudgingly re-pinned them.  They told me it would be another 2 weeks.  I asked them if they could do it any quicker since I had already waited 2 weeks the first go-round.  They nastily said no and then I watched them talk about me through the glass door after I left.  How about an "I'm sorry we didn't get it right the first time."  Nope nothing of the sort.

I marched myself back in there and calmly told them I didn't like being treated as if I did something wrong.  I've been coming here for years and I don't appreciate it.  I'll take them elsewhere.  The woman actually looked at me and said she needed the pins (there were a whopping 2 pins) and hanger back.  THE NERVE!!!!!

It's official people, I won't tolerate bad customer service any longer.  I'm getting too impatient and intolerant the older I get and I'm cracking down.

Stand with me and "Just Say No" to nasty people.

It's the Holidays for goodness sake.  Stop acting like big ole Grinches!


  1. She wanted the pins back. Really?! Goodness. I've been to two shops in Mt. P: The Alteration Shop on Coleman and another place called Mr. Mac's. Mr. Mac's was definitely less expensive and quicker. And I swear by AG jeans. Where they put the fat, I don't know, but I love them.

  2. What the hell is wrong with people!!! You get it girl, and I will just say NO to all the bitches with you!!!

  3. I still cannot believe she wanted her pins! Old bitty grinch lady!


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