Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gimme a B!

For Bethenny!  It's all about her today!

1.  Doing these every day:

According to the yoga expert, these are 3 key moves for your core:

2.  Reading this:

I finally finished the first two books of the "Discovery of Witches" Series (when the heck is #3 coming out?) and started reading her self-help book.  It has great reviews.

3.  Wanting these:

I'm thinking this would be perfect to help me with my New Year's Goal of doing yoga while Baby Girl naps.

All images from  I wasn't paid to write this post.  I just like her and her stuffs!


  1. I need to follow your lead and do those yoga moves. Loved her book and love her:0 Plus she likes to booze so I like her even more.

  2. Did you like Discovery of Witches? I rented that from the library a while back but forgot to read it.

  3. I LOVE Bethenny too! So bummed about her marriage being over. I have the yoga DVD and I LOVE it! Cute blog, love the design. I am a new follower. Come check me out at Happy Thursday!


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