Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mama Movie Review

My scary factor meter is at a 6 for Mama.  It definitely had some good hair raising, scream out loud, OMG moments.  But, for the most part, it wasn't nearly as scary as the previews promised.  My description is weird, creepy, and disturbing.  
The children were amazing little actresses.  They even caused a few tears to trickle down my cheeks, considering their horrific situation in the movie.  They played two very believable "primitive creatures raised in the wilderness by a ghost." 
I'm a big fan of Jessica Chastain.  In my opinion, she's a very talented up-and-coming actress.  It's fascinating that she's Ron Howard's daughter.  That fact makes me feel old since I grew up watching him on TV (cue the chorus - Sunday, Monday, Happy Days...).  She played a beautiful, hard-ass, rocker chick in this movie.
The biggest disappointment was the movie's ghost named "Mama."  She was a bit too Tim Burton cartoon for my liking.  She wasn't scary at all, and almost laughable, once they showed her up close.  That's the problem, they showed too much and got too close.  Sometimes the unknown is what makes something scary.  
Am I glad I saw it?  Sure.  Do I recommend you see it?  Sure.  Will it give you nightmares?  Unfortunately, probably not.  You may be a little freaked out to be alone in the dark right after you see it, but that's about it.  Darn.  
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