Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I have a love/hate relationship with good ole Pinterest.  I can "Pin" like a professional and have enough recipes, decorating ideas, and exercises to last a lifetime.  There are times that I go on Pinterest and love everything.  Then, just like that, I go on the next day and can't find a single thing that's "Pinworthy."

The last few days have been the love everything and "Pin" it kind.  Here are some noteworthy finds.  Feel free to "Repin" and follow me.

I've had about a 75% success rate with the recipes on Pinterest.  Here are a few I'm excited to try out.
Chicken, rosemary, and prosciutto roll-ups

Crockpot white beans and ham
Crockpot coconut ginger chicken and vegetables
I have a "Quotes and Funnies" board.   Check out the latest and greatest.

There are so many cute ideas for Valentine's Day, especially for kids.  The issue is they take time and effort.  I just don't know if it's gonna happen this year.  #slackandlazymama

OK, so maybe I can manage to make these.  Easy enough.
How fabulous would these be in addition to the usual dips and tail gaiting fare at a Superbowl party?
Grilled zucchini with artichoke pesto roll-ups from my Entertaining board
How perfect are these baby shower favors.  It almost makes me want to throw another baby shower.  I said almost.  

These beauties recently made my "Wish List" board: 

What are your thoughts on Pinterest? Are you an addict or do you think it's a total waste of time?   


  1. Sadly I am a total addict. I spend way too much time up in there! I think we have pinned alot of the same things. I might attempt those hand print Valentines they are too cute!

  2. I love the Essie nail color! Do you know the name?

  3. I love the last two crockpot recipes! Yum. So different from each other, but both sound so good. I'm a sucker for ham & beans. That nail polish is pretttttyyyyy.

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  5. We make the heart crayons every year. It has kind of become a tradition in our house. A word to the wise...go to the Dollar Store and buy their crayons. The Crayola ones take MUCH longer to peel. Have fun!


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