Wednesday, January 30, 2013

That's Mine

Baby Girl says "That's Mine" umpteen million times a day, usually followed by "I Need That."  I love that sweet sugar plum fairy even though she makes my head explode most days.  The sad part is that I have actually started saying it too.  I said it at an adult birthday party this past Saturday night.  Ughabugha, not good!

Here are some things that made me say "I Need That" at Home Goods yesterday:

Does this remind you of a certain gourd lamp that's been all over the blogosphere?!  This sucker is only 39 dolla.  I'm not even going to mention the price of those expensive designer lamps (okay maybe I will - from $110.00 to $269.00).  This precious plum piece deserves a home in our playroom.  ASAP!

We all know how I feel about Cynthia Rowley.  <3  Check out her gorgeous lacquer frames for $7.99.  Man do I need that, and one in black, white, teal....  You get my drift.

I love these giant lanterns.  I need 3 for the floor of my screened in porch.  I'm thinking 3 different sizes, shapes, and colors.  You likey?

I may or may not have picked up the following items.  Remember, "I Need That."  My total was $20.  How could I pass them up?

For all of those homemade salad dressings I've been making!
For the homemade crayon Valentines from yesterday's post.
 Check out these branch pencils!  Couldn't pass them up for our desk!

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because of rude people!  There is a woman who I see 2x per week at Baby Girl's church school.  She is there picking up her kid at the same time.  I smile every time I see her and she just keeps walking.  She even jumped in front of me for the bathroom a few weeks ago.  What's wrong with people?!?!


  1. How do you not smile at people if they smile at you? She sucks. Maybe she's allergic to wine and has no reason to smile.

  2. Love your finds! Chris and I repeat EVERYTHING the kids say over the years. If you were a fly-on-our-wall, you would think we were nuts! My parents talk to each other in phrases from our kids too!

    I buy all lamps at Homegoods now! I drool over them at Celedon and pay 1/4 of the price at HG!


  3. I want to make those crayons too! You better get that purple lamp- love it!

  4. Love the lanterns get them!!! Some people just suck! I say keep the smiling at her up, if nothing more than to irritate her!

  5. Cute buys. That lamp is cute and I am always on the hunt for pretty lanterns.
    The rude woman sounds lame. I think you should introduce yourself to her and maybe try to make her acknowledge you. That is my fave.

  6. Guuuuurl...that lamp is *gorgeous*...those curves! (c; And I tell you what, there are more rude people in the world than I have swear words...Everyone else here is lot nicer/bolder than I...I just kinda keep smiling and hoping that something makes her not be such a creep (c;

  7. YOU NEED THAT LAMP AND THOSE LANTERNS!!!!!!!!!! I love Lanterns on a screened in porch and you can get the fancy faux candles that take batteries to leave out there!!!!!!!!!!!!


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