Wednesday, January 2, 2013

While I Was Away

Vacation is officially over, donesky, finished, kaput.  That's bittersweet news for me.  I love the Holidays, having Mr. BMJ home, traveling, visiting family, and eating til I explode.  BUT... I can't wait for the normalcy, schedules, and peace and quiet to set in.  My house has been decorated since the first week of October with Halloween, Fall Harvest, and Christmas decorations.  Good riddance!!!!

Here's what we've been up to over the past week and a half....

Baby Girl loves a good art project!  We've been coloring, painting, and stamping our hearts out.
 New lipstick in her stocking.  What more could a Baby Girl want?
 Charlie Down dolls (aka Charlie Brown)!!!
Three Furbees make more racket than you could ever imagine.  I'm so thankful that we didn't bring them on the trip.  I would have jumped out of the moving vehicle....
Baby Girl got a piano from GiPoppy.  She's a natural, especially when she plays along to my horrible rendition of the "Elmo's World" Song.
Mr. and Mrs. BMJ got yard art from GiPoppy.  I'm guessing we're hard to buy for?!
I racked up this year!  I'm writing this post on one of my Christmas presents...a MacBook Pro!  Yowsers!  Thanks Santy Claus!
Did I mention she loves Charlie Down? I've seen this cartoon at least 1.5 million times this week alone. No lie.  
Our new holiday tradition.  Rosemary shortbread cookies.  They are savory, salty, sweet, and quite possibly the best cookie I've ever eaten.  Those are big words, my friends, very BIG WORDS!
I whipped up a tasty spice, rum, sour cream bundt cake for Christmas dinner with friends.
Completely enamored with the horses at the Biltmore Stables.
Horseback riding was definitely the highlight of the trip.  We won't mention that I couldn't feel my hand because I dropped my glove while trying to take a picture 5 minutes into the hour-long ride.  It was snowing while we rode, which made it magical, and bone chilling cold.
Inside the Biltmore House during the candlelight tour.  Pay no attention to Dr. Evil in the stroller.
All dressed up for our fancy dinner on the last night.
Fancy pants and footwear for our wild and crazy NYE on the couch!
Our version of the New Year Good Luck meal on New Year's Day.  Fish for "moving forward into the new year," lentils for "good fortune," and greens for "luck and good fortune."  When I mentioned my family's tradition of having pork, sauerkraut, and mashed potatoes, everyone made yuck faces and said "eeeeeewwwwwww."  Oh well, I guess creating new traditions is part of growing up, having your own family, and getting older.  

So what have all of my blog friends been up to?

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