Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Beauty Talk

Last week, I Instagrammed my first Sample Society box from and promised to share the deets with you on the blog.  Well, here goes!

Though we all know I would do cartwheels and backflips if they would ask, unfortunately Allure/ has not asked me to render my opinion on their sample boxes.  So, all opinions are mine and I'm paying for my membership.  However, it's not too late to ask me Allure!  ;)

Anywho, every month I'm going to receive a new little black box filled with different samples to try out.  

I filled out a short questionnaire when I signed up so they would know what types of products suit me best.  There is at least 1 full-sized product in each box.  This month was a lipstick (they must have mind-reading capabilities) worth $29.  The monthly price is $15.  Just in case you forgot grade school math, I basically got 1/2 off the lipstick and 4 samples for free!  Me likee!

There are several companies offering sample boxes.  I read about them months ago when GlitterGuide posted a story about Birch Box.  I received an email about signing up for Sample Society (I'm lazy and they eliminated a step for me) so figured I would give it a whirl!  I've only received one so far, but I'm super impressed and can't wait for next month's little treasure box.  You can sign up here.

Speaking of beauty products, have y'all seen this new "Oz" collection from Urban Decay?  I'm anxious to see the movie (I read the book-it was kind of weird-the movie looks better) and the new display at Ulta really caught my eye!

The Glinda Palette is my favorite, though I'm obsessed with Mila Kunis playing Theodora!

I know I'm extremely partial, but I think this little beauty looks like a porcelain baby doll!  To have that skin and hair....  Is it wrong to be jealous of my own daughter?

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  I'm heading up a Neighborhood Watch program for my subdivision (out of default, no one else would step up).  Ugh.  Not excited about this added responsibility.  

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  1. My favorite part of every post is why you drink the juice, so please keep those up! And drink some extra for me, please! That eyeshadow is so pretty and I cannot waiitttttt for the movie to come out. ANd don't worry, I'm jealous of baby girl's skin too.


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