Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cards Worth Giving

I've never been a card giver, it's just not my thing.  Maybe because it's hard to find a card that sums up what I'm truly feeling?  I don't send out Christmas cards, rarely send birthday cards, and am terrible about writing thank you cards (I know, so rude for a Southern lady). Now that just sounds like laziness....

I do, however, try to get Mr. BMJ a Valentine's card every year (even if it's the day before and the only one left on the rack).  I've already found the perfect card for the occasion. Impressed?! Me too!

Still looking for the perfect card for your Valentine? I did all the work for you.  You're welcome!

The first few are related to a show about a certain British Castle that is close to my heart.
Free Printables by Chad Thomas


Free Printables

Don't forget about our favorite HBO shows!
Game of Thrones -
True Blood - 
 Game of Thrones - 
{source for HBO cards}

Did you know that Sheriff Rick Grimes from "Walking Dead" was the lovesick Mark on "Love Actually"?  Here's a romantic little mash-up of the two characters.
Walking Dead valentine for $4 on

This is, perhaps, my favorite and definitely the classiest of all.
Set of 6 for $8 on
p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  I've been finding some bling in my head over the past few days.  This is the wiry, silver hair bling.  Not exactly the type of bling I want.  Getting old sucks.


  1. haha too bad I don't watch any of those shoes but I bet they are better than the Bachelor. Gray hairs sucks, sorry friend. Blonde hair covers gray more than dark just a tip:)

  2. Awesome collection! Thank you for including my Love Actually / Walking Dead mash up card :)


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