Monday, February 11, 2013

Fashion Police

We only watched an hour of the Grammy's last night because we had to move on to more important TV...Downton Abbey, and the Walking Dead premiere.  I got to see Mumford and Sons sing but missed my BF, Justin Timberlake.  Oh well, I caught some of the Red Carpet on E!  That's the best part, right?!

Here are my favorite looks of the evening:
Red Carpet Rihanna
Katy Perry looked healthy and somewhat normal.  Good for her.
Though I'm not a big fan of her music, I thought she looked lovely in this white gown.
Looking good JT!
These were flops in my book:
I'm just not digging it for the Grammy's.  
The hair is too harsh and the dress is unflattering. I've seen JFTB look much better  than this.
Ugh.  He's just so weird.
Who do you think looked the best and worst?  Do you think country music should be included in the Grammy's, even though they have their separate CMA awards?  I think it's a little redundant.  I don't like country (except for everything "Nashville" related) so I can't stand the country performances during the awards show.  My ears were literally bleeding during Miranda Lambert's performance.  Bleh.  Does she always sound like that?!

Come back tomorrow for our Gourmet Sunday recipe.  It's not as gourmet as we usually get, but you'll love it.  Promise!


  1. Whoa JLo! Agreed!

    You may not be my friend anymore after I type these words. I did not like Downtown Abbey :-(. Boo on me!! I only watched episode Obe from Season One. I was actually kind of happy bc I watch enough tv as it is now :-).

    Still love me!? Ha!

  2. Rihanna looked great. Is it just me, or did she lose a bunch of weight? I agree - J Lo's dress was just not right.

  3. Johnny Depp is so creepy to me. Loved Rihanna and her performance her decision to take Chris Brown back, not so much!


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