Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Girl Crush

Do you have a girl crush?  Yes, we all probably have girl crushes on stars.  They're almost "superhuman" with their perfect hair, make-up, bodies, lives, etc.  Here are some of my superstar crushes:
Hoda Kotb
Bethenny Frankel
Rachel Zoe
I'm talking about someone you actually know and see regularly.  That takes a girl crush to a whole new level.  I've never really had this kind until I met my OB/GYN.  I know, weird, right?  I find myself thinking about what I'm going to wear to my annual visits days before my appointment.  I take extra time with my hair and make-up the day of.  It's totally pointless because she rarely sees me clothed and she's generally not focused on anything above my shoulders....

The crazy part is when I see her out in public, I get heart palpitations, flushed cheeks, and can't form a complete sentence.  Ridunculous!
Why am I crushing on her so hard?  Well, let's see.  She's about 6 feet tall, thin as a rail, always dressed to the 9's, looks like she's in her 20s, extremely intelligent/ educated/ successful, has 3 gorgeous kids, delivered my baby, saved my baby's life, etc, etc.  

She, of course, has no idea I feel this way and has no idea I'm writing this.  I would feel SO embarrassed if she found out.  I just wanted to get this off my chest.  

Feel free to share your girl crushes so I don't feel so silly!

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  My friend Meredith and Mr. BMJ dangled a spoiler for the season finale of Downton Abbey after my post yesterday.  I broke down and looked it up.  I cried and may never be the same again.  Damnit.


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  2. I am obsessed with Hoda too, I want to meet her and drink wine with her. I have a crush on my OBGYN too she is gorgeous and smart! Also have a huge crush on Gwyneth Paltrow!!

  3. Hahah, on your obgyn? That's too funny. I'm in the market for a new one -- maybe I should get the # for yours, hahah!

  4. Love you Amy! We will get through the Downton mess together (with wine and tissues).

  5. Ah- we have the same girl crushes! Hoda is the BEST!


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