Friday, February 22, 2013

In My World...

1.  I'm pleased as punch about my new Land of Nod metal strips and magnets to display my shorty's masterpieces.  She's a budding artist y'all, I swear.  I found tons of cute artwork display boards on Etsy, but they were charging $50 and up.  I like the idea of a metal curtain rod and hooks, but I didn't see that happening any time in the near future (too much trouble).  I stumbled upon these while google searching "kids' artwork display."  They're $14.95 for each metal strip now (I got them on sale).  Hard to beat the price.  Simple to hang.  Done.

Hung on the large bare wall at the top of the garage entry stairs.  I can see it from the kitchen and mud room.  

2.  I wore my new striped nautical blazer from Monkee's local sale yesterday to Bunko.  I think blazers are "my wardrobe weakness."  Some have blouses, some have skirts, I have blazers.  They get me every time and my closet is a bit blazer heavy.  I always feel put together and they flatter me even on my bloatiest (yes I made that up) days.  What are your thoughts on blazers?  p.s.  I kicked booty and won last night!  Ha!  To all my jealous opponents, don't hate the player, hate the game!  ;)

3.  I'm taking my stepdaughters to see this on Saturday.  Should be cute!  I'm obsessed with everything Parisian.

4.  I'm obsessing about these bleached turtle shells Sarah posted about yesterday.
Sunbleached Turtle Shells
They would look gorgeous in my kitchen.  The problem is they're small and I need one large one to fill a particular space.  I ordered this from Etsy, but the color is a little off and I'm not in love with it.  

I'm considering moving it to our laundry room and getting one of these from Target.  I know a real shell would be much better, but they're expensive and too small.
Nate Berkus for Target Cream Tortoise Shell

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because it's the weekend and I'm back in full force from the "superbug."  I'll be back sometime this weekend with my Oscar picks!  Stay tuned!


  1. Look at skinny-mini you! Love the blazer! Bleached turtle shells go along with my "no dead things in the house" rule. True story-when Chris & I were dating, I said/let all kinds of "mountings" on the walls as okay by me. Once we were married (true) all dead things went in the attic garage. All but the large deer in the living room I took down last year! Chris came home and said, "took you long enough!"

  2. That blazer is fab. I need.
    Congrats on the win!!

  3. Love the artwork idea, I might just have to order those strips. and you can rock a blazer like no other, love the stripes on you. So glad you feel better, enjoy your wine this weekend!

  4. Love the striped blazer!! I also have the tortoise shell! Love it and will hopefully be posting about the Hubs office soon!


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