Sunday, February 24, 2013

Oscar Ballot

The Oscar's are upon us!  I love awards show season.  I always have someone or something that I'm passionately pulling for, and the rest I couldn't care less about.  As shallow as it sounds, the fashion is the best part for me.  Seeing all of those gorgeous, "larger-than-life" celebrities all decked out in one place is exciting.  Admit it, you're right there with me.  

I used a little PicMonkey Editing and filled out an official 2013 Oscar ballot.  I left several categories blank due to me either not caring or not having seen the films nominated (probably a little bit of both).  I, of course, had a write-in under the Director category.  I guess the Academy has to snub someone every year (they're just intimidated by Ben's talent, good lucks, and charm).

Wanna play a little Oscar drinking game with me?  Let's take a gulp lady-like sip of wine every time someone goes over the time limit during their speech!  

Do tell, who would you vote for?  I can't wait to talk about all of the gorgeous gowns and "what was she thinkings" with you on Monday!  Happy Oscar viewing!  

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because, sadly, I wasn't allowed to be in a Sea World commercial when I was little.  While on vacation in Florida, my mom, sister and I were approached by staff members who asked if we would appear in a commercial for the Park.  My mom said "no."  I could have been receiving an Oscar tonight if she would have agreed.  Instead, I'm watching it on my couch in my pajamas.  Oh well.  Shattered dreams and missed opportunities.  No biggie.

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