Friday, March 8, 2013


Sometimes I have no idea what title to put on my posts.  Can you tell?

I cannot tell a lie.  I'm going to frantically scour the web until I can find where to order this.

It's a Rose wine by the one and only Brangelina.  OMG.  You're going to try it with me, right?

This should be Tierra's (#Tierrable #Bachelor) new logo.  I seriously doubt we've seen the last of her crazy.  That sparkle talk of hers is hilarious.

My lips are seriously dry, especially in the Winter.  Like sandpaper.  Yuck.  I hate chapstick.  It always just makes things worse.  Well, I fixed the problem.  No more sandpaper.  Honest.  

It comes in a million lovely shades and doesn't break the bank (especially considering it's going to make your lips soft and gorgeous).  I chose "glitzy" because it's very neutral and looks perfect layered under a more colorful gloss or even used as a gloss itself on top of another lipstick.  Go get you some and wear it every day like me! (p.s.  My nail color is Essie Demure Vixen.)

We're getting a home phone today.  I haven't had a landline in about 12 years.  I know, I know, it's 2013, but it's a safety thing.  What if one of our phones break?  What if Super Nanny forgets her phone?  Etc, etc.  The crazy part is that getting a landline is going to save us $40 a month on our cable bill.  Yes please!  

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because I'm leaving one week from today for Rome!  What to wear?  I'm totally stressing!


  1. I promise to not be THAT babysitter and play on your landline phone all night tomorrow. haha totally kidding. I don't know that I'd even know how to work a landline phone. I used one the other day and forgot you had to hang them up! Woops. Brangelina make wine now? What don't they do?

  2. So many thoughts, my friend! First-when you find that wine-do share!
    Funny story and true one-we do not have a "land-line" either. Never had one. The other day the twins were at my friend's house and pointed to a "land-line" and said, " WHAT IS THAT!?" Ha!!!
    Christina babysits!? We need her :-). She may only come once-my kids are cra-cra :-). Amelia talks people deaf and blind. She gets her chattiness (made up word?) from her momma!

  3. I need that Tarte! Does Ulta carry?

  4. I will totally drink that wine with you!!

    OMG you are going to Rome, lucky girl...that entire country is on my wish list

  5. Rome? Havr so much fun. Italy is my favorite place ever!

  6. Thank you for another product recommendation. I will order it and give it a try. Rome.....what can I say? You must take tons of pictures and post them so I can live vicariously through you.

  7. So jealous of your upcoming travels!! WHAT WHAT?
    Brangelina is so busy. JEEZ. They make me feel inadequate.

  8. Who knew Brandeliga even made wine? With everything they do I'm convinced they never sleep. Rome! Lucky lady!

  9. I want to try that wine too- I heard it sold out in minutes. Did I tell you someone brought Drew Barrymores Pinot Grigio over last week and it was horrible. Matt swears the wine was rotten. Should celebs be allowed to make wine?? One week til Rome means I am officially jealous!


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