Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Good Stuff

This is a product junkie's dream come true.  You get a Tarte lipstick (that I raved about here), a lipliner, blush, maracuja oil (I've been dying to give this a whirl) plus a free lash primer and mascara for $32.  Yowsers!  If they don't have it at Ulta tomorrow, I'm going to throw myself on the floor in a full blown tantrum.

Does anyone know where to find good vintage cookbooks?  I'm looking for this one:

I'm smitten with my new sheepskin rug turned vanity chair cover.  Thank you Melissa for getting one for me at Ikea.

Do you use the same shampoo for years or do you have a rotating selection?  My hairdresser suggested rotating shampoo and conditioner every few months to prevent buildup and to encourage well behaved hair.  This is my latest and greatest combination.  It's definitely one of my favorites!
Y'all remember Anna Kendrick, right?  She was the cute supporting actress in "Up In The Air."  Evidently she was in "Pitch Perfect" and sang a song called "Cups" that is now on the radio.  It's really growing on me!  Girlfriend has some talent!  She sings a cappella and plays the cups.  

My sleeping baby angel.  I honestly want to climb in the crib with her most nights.  There's nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby (I know she's 2, but she's still my baby).

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because Baby Girl's teacher told me today that she "operates on her own agenda" and she "definitely knows what she wants and won't quit until she gets it."  Uh oh.  I thought she only acted that way with me.  I guess it's better than being a doormat, right?!


  1. I might be making another day trip to IKEA soon! I will let you know!

    My hair is finally normal again thanks to you!! You rock! So happy to have you as my friend!

  2. My mom has all of those cookbooks! I borrow them often!

  3. Hmm I haven't seen that cookbook... But will keep an eye out when I am thrifting.... Your chair looks pretty. I want to go to IKEA!!

  4. What a great Tarte deal!! I just started using that oil a few weeks ago and love it. I swear it makes my skin feel and look better!

  5. She won't quit until she gets it...ha! A determined child -- she'll be successful! I just got a tube of Buxom Sculpted Lash mascara but haven't used it yet. Have you tried that one my fellow mascara junkie?

  6. Check out Heirloom Cookbook store on King down past Sugar Snap Pea. They get in all kinds of old cookbooks- or ebay? I always switch out my shampoo and conditioner! I will have to try that one never used it. And I am dying to Hit up Ikea. Heading to Charlotte in two weeks and need to make that a priority!

  7. I've got that same 'operates on her own agenda' girl at my house too. The wine industry should thank mammas like us for keeping them in business. :)

  8. I only switch up when the bottles are empty. I am currently using Kerastase shampoo and conditioner. I love it, but a bit pricey. Our IKEA is about 15 mins away from my home, and I am just fine with that. So, who does Baby Girl take after? You or her daddy? I love spirited children!


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