Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hair's The Story

Everybody loves to talk about hair.  We all have it, sometimes we love it, sometimes we hate it, and we're all looking for ways to improve it.  Allure Magazine reported that the articles that generate the most comments/feedback are those that focus on hair.
I've been having some major lackluster hair days over the past few months.  I'm thinking these are the reasons why:
  1. I chopped several inches off and I'm still figuring out how to "style" it.
  2. I colored it closer to my natural color and I'm still getting used to myself as a "blondette."  
  3. I wash and blow dry may hair at night before bed because it's impossible to do with Baby Girl every morning.

I was watching "Katie" a few weeks ago and she was interviewing Alli Webb, owner of DryBar, Inc.  She gave a few pointers on how to properly blow dry your hair.  A few days later, I was skimming Parents Magazine (January 2013) and they ran a story that gave the same instructions!  Coinkidink?  I think not!  Somebody's trying to tell me something! Seems I've been doing it wrong all 36 years of my existence.  Here's the gist of what they said:
  1. After applying a smoothing product to your damp hair, blow dry the top of your head first.
  2. Most importantly, don't shake the blow-dryer back and forth (we all do this, right? bad news is that makes the hair fly in different directions creating frizz), rather move the dryer up and down the length of your hair in quick, steady strokes.
  3. After the crown is completely dry, finish drying the rest of your hair in small sections until each is completely dry. 
Seems simple enough, right!?  I've been working on mastering the technique for days.  It's so hard not to shake that dang dryer.  It's kind of like putting on mascara with your mouth closed....
I'm happy to report that my hair is looking much better after my at-home blow-outs and it even looks good in the morning after my restless nights of crazy dreams.  Even Mr. BMJ has taken notice!

Try it out and tell me what you think!


  1. Oh wow. Thank goodness you posted this bc I'm doing it all wrong. Whenever my hairdresser does my hair, it looks SO smooth with no flyaways, but when I do it, it's wild and frizzy. Now I know why. Dang. I can't wait to redo my hair later. haha! Happy Friday!

  2. I second Christina! I actually flip my head over FIRST and dry the underneath! Whoops! All wrong! Speaking of hair serum! My m-in-law bought me the LARGE bottle of Josie Maran Argan oil for Christmas! I LOVE it more than sweet tea, sushi, and seafood! Ha! No, seriously-you are right. Great hair "mask!"

  3. great tips. I am so lazy about drying my hair. Sometimes I only do it twice a week and I use no products!! I need help.

  4. I just came back to re-read these before I did my hair tonight. Um, the tricks worked. My hair is much straighter than usual. Now I don't have to destroy it with my flat iron. Thanks again!

  5. I went to a blow out party last year, my friend hosted at her salon. They washed our hair, taught us how to blow dry correctly then styled our hair it was so fun plus I learned some good tips. The first thing they taught us was not to shake the dyer and how to run it from scalp to ends for a clean, smooth look.

    Are you in Rome???

  6. I need some major hair help -- great pointers. I totally agree that it is almost impossible to not shake the dryer, haha.


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