Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Oz The Great and Powerful" Movie Review

Mr. BMJ and I had a date night at my favorite movie theater, Cinebarre (they serve wine and bar food), Saturday night.  We saw "Oz The Great and Powerful" in 3D.

It's an interesting movie, so overall I think it's worth seeing.  Here are a few pointers if you decide to go:

1.  See this movie in 3D!  It's like seeing Avatar in 3D vs 2D.  You won't be able to appreciate the beauty of the set (which is the best part) without the ugly nerd glasses.

2.  Don't take your kids to this movie.  It's scary and has adult content.  Our kids would have been scared and bored!  There were about 10 kids in the theater when we saw it.  I understand that it's PG (should be PG-13) and a Wizard of Oz "prequel" but for heaven's sake, these kids were young and should have been snug in their beds at 8pm.  I'm sure they had nightmares when they finally went to bed (way past their bedtimes).

3.  The female cast members and breathtaking scenery are the highlights.  I was dreading James Franco (I just can't get past him being on General Hospital...recently) and was correct on the assumption that he would be painful to watch.  They could have, at least, gotten someone good looking to play "The Wizard."  Franco was neither "great" nor "powerful" as the title touts.  

Michelle, Rachel, and Mila (as opposed to Michelle, Tamika, and Tanya wanna ride this train) made for interesting, entertaining, and beautiful witches.
{All photos from www.disney.go.com}

I give it a one thumb sideways + one thumb up rating or (if you speak in stars) 3 stars.

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because I stayed up (despite my exhaustion from this dang time change) until 11pm watching The Bachelor.  I honestly didn't see him with either of those girls.  I sincerely hope that it works out between Sean and Catherine.  Desiree as the new Bachelorette?  She's cute, but I think her personality is a little flat.  I think they should get older, more mature contestants from now on.  I would also like to see new, fresh faces rather than recycled men and women each season. Let's change it up!  I'm getting bored with the same old thing over and over.  Too bad ABC didn't ask for my opinion!  ;)


  1. Glad to get your review of this movie, especially in regards to children. N is suppose to see this movie on Saturday as part of a birthday party.

  2. I took my child - to matinee and non-3d version - and the theater was full of kids. He'd been begging to see a "big movie" for a while and there hasn't been anything lately for him. I figured we'd give it a try and if it was wary or he lost interest, we'd leave. He didn't get scared (probably would have been scarier in 3d for him), but it was long for him. He did watch the whole thing, just got a little restless during parts. And I didn't love it - I just expected more I guess (the sets were beautiful though) and agree James Franco wasn't the best for OZ.

  3. I'm sad you didn't post a picture of you and Mr. BMJ in the nerdy glasses. That would have been great.


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