Monday, March 25, 2013

Roman Holiday

My sniffles are on the mend, my jet lag is cured, and I'm finally ready to share my amazing Italian adventures with you!  I've separated my photos and ramblings into categories.  I actually captured more pictures than I thought, so bear with me.  Let's dig right in....

Food & Wine
The food in Rome is delicious.  We ate pasta, pizza, veal, artichokes, and gelato.  The Italian food over there is much different than what we get in the States.  All the flavors are very mild, cohesive, and smooth.  You can't really pick out one ingredient (like tomatoes or oregano), they all just blend together for rich, creamy, deliciousness.  The closest thing to Italy in Charleston is "La Pizzeria" in Mt. Pleasant.  The gelato was amazing, but I think Whole Foods offers a pretty decent alternative.

pizza (with prosciutto, of course) before the concert
lunch while exploring where we had the pasta and cappuccino below
Pinot Grigio has never been my favorite, but the Italians really know how to make a delicious one.  This is mainly what we drank over there.
Penne Amatriciano - pasta, sauce, prosciutto, chili pepper, and cheese 
cappuccino - one of my favorite things

dinner by Trevi Fountain where we ate artichokes and veal saltimbocca shown below
Roman artichoke (one of my new favorite dishes ever) and Italian Rose
veal saltimbocca and potatoes

where we ate lunch after the Ancient Rome tour - I had another artichoke and lasagna (and of course Pinot Grigio)

gelato from San Crispino
fondue and champagne at the hotel bar

tea and cakes for snack at Babington's Tea Room

Seeing "Mumford & Sons" in concert was the main reason we traveled to Rome.  They are one of our favorite bands and we wanted to see them for our anniversary.  They just happened to be in Rome around our special day.  We were not disappointed.  You forget what good, live music sounds like if you haven't heard it in a while.  It's also mind blowing to hear the entire Italian speaking audience recite the English lyrics to every song better than you can.  This experience had me all philosophical, like "music knows know language or cultural barriers" and junk like that.  Yep, they were that good.  Have a listen.
We arrived an hour early and still had a horribly long line to wait in.
cold and excited

Weird, trashy girl band called Deep Valley who opened for M&S.  The cut off jean shorts and white legs don't really work for anyone....

Listen to the band and watch the crowd!
We used Real Rome Tours to see Vatican City and Ancient Rome.  Ferdinando was our friendly, informative, experienced tour guide.  He's actually an archaeologist by trade, so he was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the Ancient Rome tour.  I highly recommend this company and Ferdinando as your guide.

Vatican City -  Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter's Basilica - 

changing of the Swedish guard

Ancient Rome - The Palatine Area (6th century B.C.), The Roman Forum (46 B.C.) and The Colosseum (72 A.D.)-

Julius Caesar's tomb

Hotel Hassler
It is at the top of the Spanish Steps which is a perfect location for tourists.  The rooms were very nice but the service in the restaurants was a little lacking (this seems to be true in the entire city so I probably shouldn't single them out for this.)
top of Spanish Steps
Spanish Steps

Other Pretty Pictures

Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain at night

All photos were taken by me.

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because I am so lucky to be able to take such incredible trips with my sweet, generous husband.  Happy 4th Anniversary Mr. BMJ!!!


  1. I love everything about this post! You guys look so cute and happy!

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful trip!!! You two are just so cute!!!

  3. Fun! I am super duper jealous of the whole trip! I think traveling with your squeeze is so much fun!
    I am a big Mumford fan too. Rolling Stone just had a cool interview with them (they were on the cover).

  4. It looks like you had a wonderful time! So wish I could go back! Wasn't the architecture just amazing?...the food and wine ain't so bad either!! Happy Anniversary!!

  5. Loved seeing all your pictures! That food and wine has me drooling. Normally I am not a big pinot grigio drinker either but maybe I need to try the Italian ones. Looks like an amazing vacay! Makes me want to travel somewhere. Oh and Mumford and Sons- so jealous!

  6. Wow!!! This trip looks amazing girl, so jelly!

  7. Amazing architecture and history, food and wine, and music with the perfect companion - can't beat that! Loved seeing the pictures. So glad you had a wonderful time!

  8. Isn't Rome just amazing? I would love to see Mumford & Sons live- especially somewhere in Europe!

  9. going to Italy is at the top of my wanderlust list!! The food and wine look amazing especially champagne and fondue, that is my idea of a perfect meal!! There is so much beauty and history in Italy

  10. Such a great trip! The food pics make me miss ItAly and you saw sooo much. Lovely.

  11. Amazing pics, and loved reading. Cannot wait to see u live and in person in MAY! Been way too long friend. Sharing your amazing adventure with my FB friends. xoxo

  12. Amy, your pictures are beautiful. I love the way you framed each photo as if you could print it and put it right in a frame. You have a eye for detail. Truly impressive photos! Love you...C:)


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