Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wasabi Wednesday

I decided to try out this Wasabi Tuna Burger from Bethenny Frankel last night.  I was a little skeptical at first, but was in heaven after my first bite.  She Frankeled it again!  

Wasabi Tuna Burgers
adapted from

1 lb sushi-grade ahi tuna (chopped into small cubes)
2 basil leaves, chopped
1-2 scallions, chopped (2 small or 1 large)
1.5 tablespoons black sesame seeds
2 tablespoons low-sodium soy sauce
2 tablespoons honey
Panko Bread Crumbs (not in original recipe)
1 egg (not in original recipe)
pickled ginger

Wasabi Sauce
2 tbsp wasabi paste
3 tbsp low-fat mayonnaise (I don't do mayo so I used 2 tbsp greek vanilla yogurt and 1 tbsp sour cream)
salt and pepper to taste
Juice of 1/2 lemon
Juice of 1/2 lime

Combine sauce ingredients and refrigerate until ready to eat.

Combine all burger ingredients and gently stir until combine.  I originally combined the top 6 ingredients and was left with a soupy mixture so I added an egg and some bread crumbs to thicken it up.  Once it's thick enough to make patties, shape into burger patties (I made 3 large and 1 small) and refrigerate for 30 min - 1 hr.  

Grill on sprayed indoor grill until medium rare. I cooked them over low-medium heat for about 6 min on each side.

Serve burgers with Wasabi Sauce (be careful, a little goes a long way) and pickled ginger.  

We had our favorite Ore-Ida Fast Food Fries with truffle salt on the side.  We served old faithful, Whispering Angel Rose, with this meal.  It would also pair nicely with a crisp, tart Sauvignon Blanc.  I recommend Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc.
Total Wine

And then I'm all like....

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because I'm on pins and needles waiting to see if our renters are actually going to go through with buying our rental house.  Oh please, please, please make it happen!  


  1. Sounds so yummy! And I do hope your renters become new home owners soon!!!

  2. Oh yum. This recipe is right up my alley. Good luck with the renters!

  3. That burger looks so good. Fingers crossed your rental sells!!

  4. what time should I come over for dinner?

    Oh and I love the new sunnies!!


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