Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Agree To Disagree

As much as I may love the following people, shows, magazines, and such, I respectfully Agree To Disagree about a few things.

1.  Rachel Zoe unfortunately said in a fit of frustration "Someone tell me why everyone loves pink.  I literally don't understand what the obsession is with pink."  

Well, my favorite stylist in the whole wide world, I think you are just talking out of anger because: 
A.  You secretly wanted to have a baby girl to dress in pink every day of her life. 
B.  You are very burned by the lovely, innocent color after causing Anne Hathaway's NippleGate crisis at the Oscar's.  
It's okay.  We still love you.  Though, I respectfully agree to disagree with you about the color pink.

2.  Star Magazine named our beloved Gwynnie as "The Most Hated Celebrity in Hollywood." 
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 Ummmmm.......  Really?  I think they must be jealous or it was a horrible misprint!  Did they forget about these folks?

Though I love your celebrity gossip, I respectfully agree to disagree that Gwynneth deserved this title.  

3.  Speaking of Gwynneth.  I'm not sure why "Self" Magazine found it necessary to alter her picture to the point of being unrecognizable.  I honestly didn't recognize her at first glance.  She's beautiful.  The photo editing isn't necessary.

Though I love your magazine, I respectfully agree to disagree about touching up Gwynneth's picture.

4.  The Today Show ran a segment about "How To Wear White Before Memorial Day."  Style "expert" Lloyd Boston said don't wear white pants, skirts, shorts, or shoes until after the end of May.  Ha!  I thought it was still a little old-fashioned to wait until after Easter.  

Though I love my morning "news" show, I respectfully agree to disagree about waiting to wear white until after Memorial Day.  

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because I finally received my paycheck for my work as an extra on the pilot show "Reckless."  After taxes, I made less than minimum wage for a grueling, freezing 7 hours of work outdoors.  Yay for the experience!  I respectfully agree to disagree about the pay!


  1. I was so annoyed when Rachel said that about pink. and you are so right she wanted a girl so bad poor SkySky she dresses him pretty girly. Gwen most hated celeb?? Say it ain't so although Matt would agree he can't stand her. Should have been Kristen Steward she never smiles and is miserable. Why did Robert Patterson take her back after cheating?? Oh thats right hes an idiot.

  2. OMG! I can't even recognize her at all! That is a crazy photo cover of Gwyneth. Wow!

  3. Hahaha, I"m laughing at this whole thing and Natalie's rant too. Seriously don't understand who would hate Ms Paltrow. I mean, what did she ever do wrong? She's a beauty and can cook! I love her!

  4. This post and it's comments have me laughing and I totally needed a good laugh! What I want to know is who does not hate Kristen Steward!?!

  5. So glad you wear white before labor day. I'm on a mission to finally buy white jeans and didn't want to be that stupid Californian in DC breaking the rule.

    Do ppl really hate gp?!?

  6. Hahaha I swear I saw Rachel Zoe wearing pink recently- and someone called her out! Not sure about the Gwennie hate but ugh Lohan- someome tell her it's time to move to some secluded island and go away.


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