Sunday, April 14, 2013


Two awards?!  Thank you Thank you Thank you!  Melanee from Simply Life Stuff gave me these awards and the wonderful compliment of inspiring her to start her own blog.  You should check it out.  She's quite the budding photographer who chronicles her life as a new Colorado resident.   We used to have a blast traveling all over the country together as coworkers!

This award asks that we list 7 things about ourselves.  I'm digging deep with these as not to bore you with the same old stats.

1.  I have a sixth sense.  It's kind of like ESP.  I dream about or have consistent thoughts about people when there's something major going on in their lives.  I've known when friends are pregnant or have been in an accident.  Think I should have my own 1-900 number?  
2.  I can recite Gone With The Wind, Pretty Woman, The Family Man, The Sound of Music, and Legends Of The Fall.  I cry every time I watch them.  Issues much?

3.  I have a touch of OCD.  I often feel compelled to go back and check that I've turned my curling iron off, locked the doors, shut the trunk, etc. (sometimes more than once).

4.  I love to get in my car, blast the music, and drive fast...really fast.  The last time I was by myself on the highway, I looked down and my speedometer read 95.  Yikes.  

5.  I was told a long, long time ago that I probably would not be able to have children.  That was devastating news.  I'm thankful every day that the doctor was wrong.  

6.  When I was young, I wanted to become a Pediatrician, Astronaut, and Actress.  Instead, I became a Speech Pathologist, Writer/Editor, Pharmaceutical Representative, and Mom.  

7.  I grew up on a farm and rode horses in horse shows.  My horse was a gorgeous, sweet, intelligent Palomino named Cappie.  Horses are incredible animals.  

Happy Sunday friends!  We'll talk again tomorrow!

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  1. Congrats to you! Hope you are toasting your awards with some delicious "baby mama juice"!!!


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