Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I've discovered a few amazing things lately.  What kind of a blogger friend would I be if I didn't share them with all of you?!

1.  Hanskin Hydro Sheet Masks -

 These came in my Sample Society Box this month.  Hanskin is a genius Korean brand that knows their stuff when it comes to skin care.  The sheets have sea water, brown algae, hyaluronic acid, gulf weed, agar agar and squalene.  My skin was noticeably softer and my pores were smaller and clean immediately afterwards.  This would be a great, affordable weekly treatment.  You get 5 sheets for $18.
2.  Hanskin Premium Perfect Super Magic BB Cream SPF30 PA++

This BB Cream was also in my sample box this month and I love it.  I've tried a ton of BB Creams, but most of them don't seem to offer enough coverage for me.  This one provides medium to full coverage and offers the benefits of anti-aging properties, sun protection, and cell renewal.  It's also pretty affordable at $33.  (The Trish McEvoy BB Cream is $85 and offers much less coverage.)
3.  Advil Liqui-gels as zit cream-

I can't remember where I read this crazy tip, but it works!  Cut the tip off an Advil liqui-gel capsule and squeeze the liquid onto your finger.  Apply to a zit that is just starting to form before you go to bed. It will be much better, if not completely gone the next day.  Repeat every night until it disappears (usually takes 3 nights at the most).

4.  "Hannibal" on NBC-

When I read that Hannibal was the best new show NBC has seen in years, I just had to check it out.  I was not disappointed!  I loved "Silence of the Lambs", "Red Dragon", and "Hannibal" movies.  This series is loosely based on the movie "Manhunter" which was a prequel to "Silence of the Lambs."  If you liked the movies, you will love this weekly dose of suspense and gore.
5.  Maxx the Runway-

Remember all the amazing brands I found at T.J. Maxx last week?  Nanette Lepore, Tory Burch, Emilio Pucci, Valentino, Haute Hippie, Vince,  Helmut Lang, Rebecca Minkoff, etc, etc.  I went back to try on the gray sequin dress (which I passed on :( ) and saw that they had added new handbags and shoes.  OMG.  I die.  YSL, Jimmy Choo, Fendi, the list goes on and on.  They have jewelry too.  Gah! Can you tell that I'm excited?

6.  I'm becoming an old fuddy duddy-

This isn't amazing or necessarily good, but it is something I've recently discovered about myself.  

I hate most of the new music on the radio.  I prefer to jam out on my iTunes playlists.  I can't believe they allow all of the sex talk and drug and alcohol references on mainstream radio channels.  What are our kids supposed to listen to these days?  Looks like it's time for me to sign up for Medicare.  I've been loving the XM 1940's channel while cooking dinner lately.  Go ahead, laugh.  It won't hurt my feelings.

There's a kid with the loudest truck you've ever heard who lives 2 doors down from me.  He comes and goes at all hours.  I mutter things like "have some respect you little punk" and "is it necessary to be such a loud redneck" every day.

I also freak out if I see young children in public late at night and kids who run around in shorts and flip flops in cold weather.

Who am I?  What happened to my former, young, fun-loving self?

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because my sweet Baby Girl is growing up in a world where sick, crazy people feel it necessary to bomb the Boston Marathon.  No one is safe, anywhere, any time.  Not at school, not at the movies, and not at a marathon.  It's so sad.


  1. Hahahah remember on one of my posts you asked where my coat was? Totally #6 of you. I need a face mask right now. I woke up too early and these puffy eyes...ew. Those two baggs from TJ Maxx are gorgeous. My grandma and I were by one yesterday and we joked that if we didn't go in, we wouldn't be tempted. And then we went into Target and bought everything. Crap.

  2. I just wrote BAGGS. What the heck? See, I did wake up too early.

  3. Obsessed with the Runway at Tjmaxx. I go like once a week to stalk it! I need to try BB cream. Everyone swears by it! I am an old fuddy duddy to. I find myself looking forward to nights in more than nights out- sad. So sad about Boston.

  4. Might need to try out that face mask! I feel old some days too...just the transition of life I guess. HA!

  5. I haven't tried BB cream yet but I really need to since everyone raves about it. Our TJMaxx took away our runway section :( it's so depressing. Now the closet one is an hour away


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