Monday, April 15, 2013


"A person or group that is friendly toward another because the relationship brings benefits, but harbors feelings of resentment or rivalry."  - Random House Dictionary

"An enemy disguised as a friend."  - Urban Dictionary
Exhibit A
Regina George was the Ultimate Frenemy to everyone who knew her.
Exhibit B
Kristin and Lauren are frenemies.
Exhibit C
Paris and Nicole are Frenemies.
Exhibit D
All four of these ladies are frenemies.  Now that makes for a good reality show!
Exhibit E
Kelly and Brenda were frenemies years and years ago.

Do you have frenemies?  

I, unfortunately, have had frenemies as far back as I can remember.  

What do you do about your frenemies?  

Keep faking it, kill 'em with kindness, call them out on it, dump them?  

Why do girls have to be so nasty to each other?  

Why can't we all just be sweet, supportive besties? 

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because Mr. BMJ had the stomach bug all weekend and Baby Girl was pitiful and running a low grade fever (2 yr molars?!).  We had an epic fail of a weekend and I'm just waiting for my second stomach bug of the year.  If you don't hear from me this week, you'll know what happened....


  1. haha love this post! and yes don't we all have frenemies! I sure hope you don't get the bug stay positive maybe it is the same strain you already had! If it makes you feel better we had a lazy weekend no big plans at all!

  2. The older I get, the less I put up with fake people. My gut is usually correct. I listen to it. The "Southern thing" is to kill them with kindness. The "redneck" answer-drop um like their hot. Be done with it. I am rambling. Sorry for the sickness! Crossing my fingers for you, my friend :-)

  3. You are not getting sick!! Just say it like a mantra...maybe it'll work, ha. I haven't really had an issue with frenemies. I can't fake being nice to people, just can't do it. I'll be decent, but won't go out of my way to be friends w/ someone if it's not my time.

  4. I have had some frenemies in my day but I am trying just to spend my days with people I love. Sometimes it's impossible though. Get better lady.

  5. I think we all have frenemies whether we want to or not! Girls are crazy to be honest! Hope you don't get sick.

  6. I have had a frenemy or two along the way. It is a shame that women seem to let jealousy and competition and low self esteem get in the way of just being supportive of each other. I hope you avoid the stomach bug.

  7. Those damn frenemys!! Annoy the shit out of me hehe! Ps hope you don't get sick mama!

  8. Aw frenimies. You don't need them. Get them straight out of your life fast.


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