Thursday, April 25, 2013

Home Tour

I'm an interior designaholic.  There, I've said it.  The first step is admitting it, right?  I have a masters degree in Speech Language Pathology but looked into going BACK to school at the Art Institute for Interior Design.  It was too much of a time and financial commitment, but I seriously considered it.  

Anywho, I've never posted a home tour on the blog.  I've been all wrapped up in wine, product reviews, recipes, and celebrity silliness.  

Yep, you guessed it.  Today is my first home tour.  Since I'm a newbie at this, I figured I'd be my own, first guinea pig.  

We designed and built our house in 2009 and called it our own on February 12, 2010.  It was such an incredible process (not the moving silly, the designing and building) and I would love to have the opportunity to do it again someday.  Our builder was amazing and we've since become friends with him, his wife, and their adorable baby girl.  If anyone in Charleston is considering building a house, use the best...Carl Owens with Image Homes.  

Many of these photos were taken when we first moved in, so they're free of the clutter and some of the finishing touches we've put on the house.  You can get the general idea, though.  The last few are photos I took.  I'm sure you'll recognize those right away due to the junk and the less than professional quality (I'm blaming my craptastic camera).  

Here's my home tour, friends....

Screened-In Porch
Family Room

Banquette in kitchen
Dining Room
We added a rug and centerpiece.
Butler's Pantry - where all the Baby Mama Juice lives
Carved Master Bedroom Door

Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
Standing River Rock in Master Shower
TV, Fireplace, and my Vanity
Baby Girl's Room

One of the older girl's rooms.  There are 2 more bedrooms and a playroom that aren't shown.
FROG - For all of you non-southerners, this means Finished Room Over Garage and is our guest suite.

Mudroom that connects the garage to the kitchen.

Thanks for bearing with me through the millions of photos.  Hope you liked it!

*Good photos by Stello Photography.  Sub par photos by me, of course.

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because I'm still in my pajamas today (4 pm).  The good news is that I did brush my teeth.  The bad news is that Mr. BMJ is going to come home to a rough looking Baby Mama.  It's been a sick jammie day at our house.  Baby girl is super sick and I rocked her to sleep again last night and she fell asleep in my arms after lunch while watching her "shows."  It's breaking my heart, but I do love the snuggle time.  
A bitter sweet situation.....


  1. Oh, Miss Amy, your home is beyond words. I love, LOVE, LoVe it! You definitely got some Interior Decorating blood flowing through those Southern viens. Thank you for sharing.

  2. ooooohmygod this is your house?!!! wow. beautiful!!

  3. So pretty! You have to show us more!!! And I totally understand your need for a "pj-day". I hope that your sweet girl feels better soon.

  4. I would like to cook in your kitchen, eat in your dining room (my fave room in your house!), and yes, definitely move into the frog. hahaha!

  5. Amazing! Can I come live in your bathtub? PJ days are just needed sometime. I hope she feels better soon.

  6. When can I move in. I will just put a mattress by the wine cabinet and be a happy camper there:) Can't believe I have never been to your house but it is gorgeous. Seriously stunning. I die over your open kitchen and master bath! So funny I looked into going back to interior design school too- we could have done it together!

  7. I must come take a shower at your house!! I **may** be in there as long as my husband takes a shower!!!

  8. Your house is gorgeous!!! Love it, Amy!!!

  9. Still to date most draw dropping home Ive stepped in! Then you opened the door and immediately made me laugh, love at first sight on both ends ;)

  10. Your home is fabulous Amy!! What a fun job of designing and being apart of the decorating process of your home. You did such a fantastic job of picking out the fixtures and really close attention to details. When can I come visit?! ;)

  11. Your home is gorgeous! We just bought a house in Charleston. Maybe I should be your first client! Hope everyone in your house is on the mend and feeling better for the weekend!

  12. OMG, your house is to die for. Absolutely gorgeous.

  13. Oh my gosh! I never saw this. Sooo pretty and well done!

  14. No way!!! This is amazing!! Your home is spectacular!! The mirrored trim in the dining room really is cool! everything!! When I come up to Charleston I want a real tour :) Wishing you all the best, especially health and love) in this beautiful home!


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