Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Current Situation

1.   Rewinding General Hospital since I slept through it.  Hey, I'm sick and the doctor said I need my rest and fluids.  

2.  Just polished off this bag of sickly sweet gummies.  Even my child's snacks aren't safe with me.  What is my problem?  They aren't even good.  I'm pretty sure the entire bag wasn't intended to eat in one sitting either. 

3.  Thinking about the $45 bill I received for the TV repair man to come in and "diagnose and fix" my TV.  A plug had slightly wiggled its way out of the back of the TV set.  He spent a total of 5 minutes in my house.  Really?  Maybe I need to do that for a living....

4.  Wanting to go downtown to spend my $50 off Tommy Bahama coupon.  I'm lusting after this maxi dress.  
Tommy Bahama
5.  Waiting for Baby Girl to wake up so we can go pick up my Tamiflu from the pharmacy.  Yep, you heard right.  You can pity me starting....now.  

6.  Feeling anxious because I have NOTHING planned for dinner.  Oops.  Today did not go as planned.

7.  Feeling sorry for my poor cat.  He's looking at me with desperation though he has a full bowl of food.  Dementia much?  What do you do for a demented cat?!

8.  Hoping Baby Girl feels better soon.  We're on day 7 of this nastiness.  She had another fever again before her nap.  My heart hurts for her.  

9.  Needing to do laundry, clean the kitchen, figure out dinner, clean the litter box, change the sheets on the bed, and a million other things.  Instead, I'm rambling on about nothing on this blog post.  I guess it's your fault I'm not getting those things done! ;)

10.  Wishing I had a fresh pedicure (like the picture below...3 weeks ago).  I have this weird thing about long toenails.  They totally gross me out and make my toes hurt.  That's my current situation.  

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because I don't have time to be sick.  Hoda is coming to see me in 2 days, I have 2 birthday parties on Saturday, and a Cinco de Mayo party on Sunday.  


  1. #2 - After trying those Annie's gummies, I understand the addiction.
    #3 - Or just be an actress. You're on your way.
    #6 - Do I need to return the favor and bring y'all Chick-fil-A? Dave would die.
    Both of y'all need to get better soon! I will drink extra Rose for you.

  2. That maxi is awesome. I used feli-way for my demented cat when she got old. Seriously! It's like a glade plugin loaded with prozac for kitties. They smell it and it eases them. :)

  3. Right there with you :-(. Hope you feel better! {{hugs}}

  4. She sure looks cute even if she's sick. I downed a bag of those gummies a few weeks ago. I need to get someone to get some stuff done for me too. I have ppl coming over for playdate tmrw and my house is a mess-good thing I'm looking at this computer being productive!

  5. that is so funny what you said about long toe nails, I am totally disgusted by them too!!

    Feel better

  6. Hope you feel better real soon. Didn't anyone tell you that when you are sick, you are exempt from all chore related tasks, to include but not limited to house work, dinner preparation, etc?

  7. You poor thing! You all have been sick an awful lot this year! Feel better soon!


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