Monday, April 22, 2013


As I mentioned last week, my sister had her precious baby boy, Jackson Dean. 

Baby Girl and I drove up to Anderson Friday afternoon and surprised her in the hospital.  She was so surprised!

We had a fun, busy weekend visiting with family and getting to know baby Jackson.  Baby Girl had a ball playing with her cousin, Layla. 

My sister lives a few miles from where we grew up.  I had this overwhelming urge to drive by our house, the schools, my friends' houses, and all of the old places with meaning in my home town. 
Childhood home sweet home
Could that be homesickness knocking on my door?  I've NEVER EVER, NOT ONCE missed Anderson nor had any desire to go back there.  My parents moved away when I was in grad school so there was no reason for me to spend any time there.  If you've never been, Anderson is a tiny little town in upstate South Carolina.  There is truly nothing to do there.  

But, all of the sudden, I'm so nostalgic about my childhood town.

I was almost in tears driving away.  

I think it's because I have a child now and I would love for her to know the town I grew up in.  I would give anything if my parents still lived in my childhood home.  It would be such an amazing experience for her.  

Despite my make-up, high heels, and love for big cities, I'm just a country girl at heart.  I grew up on a farm.  Yes, a true farm with cows, horses, rabbits, barns, tractors, and trucks.  I even used to ride in horse shows when I was younger.  

After 36.5 years,  I'm finally embracing my farm-girl past.  Go figure.

Do you ever get homesick and nostalgic about your home town?  

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because I have several friends who are pregnant and I'm pretty sure I'm having a sympathy pregnancy with them.  I've probably gained more weight than they have and I'm definitely not eating for two.  What in the world is wrong with me?!  

*All photos my own and from Pinterest


  1. Baby Jackson is perfect!!
    I do not a girl's night with you anytime soon if you have lots of preg go friends right now (KIDDING)! I cannot get preggo, so who am I kidding - I will drink your water! Ha!
    Missed you on Instagram the last few days (I need to catch-up).

    You just answered my questions on what color to paint the chairs! I primed one today!! It was a bitch to do! Finishing the second tomorrow and off to buy that green paint! Thank you, Amy!

  2. I swear once you have kids anything about your past brings nostalgia. It is just a reminder that time is fleeting and we are getting older. When I saw my old student on Sunday I was so happy yet sad, sad that I am getting older and time has moved on right in front of my eyes!!

    Now I need to drink baby mama juice!!

  3. I grew up in a very small town too, but as I get older visiting seems to bring back some kind of comfort and a feeling that I am safe. Weird! Your new nephew is adorable!!

  4. Eat away girl you are tiny. Jackson is the sweetest little bebe and it is normal to miss your hometown! I used to cry everytime I left Charlotte. I can't picture you as farm girl though:)

  5. Um, I LOVE this post!!! I'm from Asheville (really Arden on top of a mountain) and sometimes I get so nostalgic about growing up there! It has changed so much but before kids and when i lived in Florida after College I would sob when I left after holidays! You should go back and visit and do a photoshoot of you and your kiddo and then make a photobook of pics of you growing up and then you two now!!!


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