Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Right Now I'm...

1.  Feeling guilty because I didn't have a blog post for you guys yesterday.  I was working a grueling 12 hr shift on "Army Wives."  I think my days of being an extra are over.  I missed Baby Girl like crazy and had serious feelings of guilt when I was only able to see her for 15 minutes last night during tuck in time.  Being on TV is not as glamorous as it sounds..outdoor 12 hr shifts, port-o-potties (ick!), no breaks, standing in heels on concrete all day, etc.  The only saving grace was that the new director, Debbie Allen, touched my arm! 

2.  Polishing off the bag of Trader Joe's twizzlers left by Christina who babysat all day yesterday.  I think she's secretly trying to get me fat since she knows they are my kryptonite.  

3.  Totally obsessed with "Nashville."  Now that's a show I would pull a 12 hr shift for!  I can't wait to see what happens tonight!  The talent, the drama, the romance....  Don't you just love it?
4.  Contemplating whether I should go back to T.J. Maxx to get the gunmetal sequin Haute Hippie dress, yellow Rich and Skinny jeans and Elie Tahari pocket book I found.  Have y'all seen the brands they are carrying lately?  Valentino, Haute Hippie, Vince, Joie, Tory Burch, Emilio Pucci (I about died when I saw that), Catherine Malandrino, and the list goes on and on....  Have you been there lately?

4.  Excited about the double birthday party tonight at Taco Boy for my lady loves Lauren and Meredith!  Cadillac margaritas, chips salsa and cheese dip, and girl time here I come!  Happy Birthday sistas!

5.  Sporting natural beachy waves thanks to my new Oribe Apres Beach Spray.  It's what Shay from Mix and Match Family uses (you know, Bachelor Sean's sweet blogging sister).  I lust after her gorgeous hair!

6.  Seriously needing a mani/pedi for this gorgeous flip flop weather that rolled in this week.  Have you seen this miracle polish?  I'm going to order it ASAP!!!!  It's an instant French manicure polish that makes nail beds pinker and tips whiter with one coat.  It's called Nail Glow, but I think that MIB (Miracle in a Bottle) would be more fitting.

p.s.  Why do I drink Baby Mama Juice?  Because we've set a closing date for the rental.  May 29th!  Cross your manicured fingers and toes friends!


  1. Fingers crossed for the house sale! Haha, I am totally not trying to get you fat with those candies...I am trying to equally distribute them between your stomach and mine. I was about to eat the whole bag myself but the opportunity to share arose! haha. My hair is naturally wavy but if I don't put anything in it, it falls and looks horrendous. Does that spray go in while it's wet/while drying? If so, I might try it!

  2. You gotta go back for that dress! It is so versatile and looks great! You could wear it so many different ways. Denim jacket and sneakers. Little cardigan and flats. T shirt underneath and knee boots. Yup. I love it. I'm leaving work early to see what goodies they got at my TJ Maxx.

  3. I LoVe Nashville so very much, too. The dress looks awesome on you. Definitely go back...I have not been to TJ MaXX in a very long time, but that might be about to change. Have fun tonight!

  4. Go back and buy that dress to wear to the birthday party! I saw the cutest Pucci dress there last week but I refuse to buy anything nice until I lose all my baby weight.

  5. go back and get that dress!! congrats on the house

  6. How come I am the only woman on the East Coast that never finds any great labels at TJ Maxx? PS...I love Nashville, too;)


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